Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Your Excuse?

Ever get caught driving after you've had a few?

Or maybe had to convince a buddy 
to give you back your keys?

I'm just curious ;-)


Anonymous said...

If I drink I stay put or have a designated driver, No other way to go in Kentucky. The Good news If they pick you up at a bar in Louisville the cab ride is free(weekends)---Ray

Anonymous said...

Never in 8 years have I done this..


MissK said...

What good boys you guys are/were... ;-)

Some of you have stories, I know y'all do... so out with it, I dare ya!

Maybe you were the smart buddy who talked your idiot friend out of it.... ???

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Since my one and only DUI some 43 years ago I stay away from the truck after one beer. It was not fun being in jail with mother rapers and father rapers.

In case you're trying to figure out my age, I'm 462 in dog years. You're doing wonders with this place. We'll have to put you next to Mikey on the sidebar. Thank you for adding me here.

Anonymous said...

Way WAY back in the day I was a Dead head. Whisky and beer were the least of it. Driving while tripping do not a long life make. Being a "good boy" was just self preservation. ---Ray

MissK said...

Well you did mention it on your blog Odie... guess you where just a "younger" buck when that happened ;-)

My turn to thank you for the praise. I'm glad you like it.

Ray, that you can remember way WAY back is a very good thing, considering you were a Dead head... Good times. In self preservation, you where being smart... AND I use that term loosely ;-)

CharlieDelta said...

Nothing too exciting here, but it's been almost 11 years since my first and only DUI. That was back in September of 2002. My buddie took my keys after watching me down most of an 18 pack and a few shots of Patron in the course of a few hours, back when I could really drink, but I wasn't having any of that key-taking bullshit. I kept a spare key in my wallet in case I locked myself out of my truck and I just used that when I went outside "to have a smoke."

I sure thought I was a clever motherfucker as I was pulling away from the party, and if I could remember the drive home I could probably say that I was laughing about how clever I was. Laughing all the way up until the blue flashing lights and 1 million candle power floodlight was lighting up my truck. From that point on is where I remember again. Damn I was shitfaced!

What still bugs me to the day is that I was about 50 ft. from the driveway to my apartment complex when they lit me up. What's equally as frustrating though, is that the cop said they pulled me over because I crossed the double yellow line about a mile back and there never was a double yellow line on the street that they said I committed my infraction. There never was. Fuckin' lying ass cops profiled me. By the time I found that out it didn't matter because I had already did a night in county, they had my blood in their little tube and my balls in a sling. Bastards!

The first person I called when I got out of jail the next morning was my buddy who took my keys. When he answered the phone I just said, "I should've listened to you" and he knew right away what happened. He never gave me any shit for it though, which I appreciate to the day. But that's cause he knows that I know that he told me so.

The worst part about it wasn't being in jail with fat, drunk mexicans, gang bangers and bums. It wasn't even the $10,000+ in fines I had to pay when it was all said and done. The worst part for me was having to go to the court-mandated DUI classes and the AA meetings twice a week for 6 months and losing my license for a full 30 days. I would've rather paid twice the fine or done a month in county than ever have to deal with that shit ever again. What a fuckin' nightmare that was. I'm so glad all that shit's behind me, and thankful I never killed anyone. I had been driving drunk/buzzed/high since I was legal age to drive so in the overall picture I was "lucky." I guess. Whatever. You can only roll the dice so many times before you crap out and that night I crapped out with a .25 BAC.

Nowdays I either catch a ride with someone else or take a cab to the bar and back home if I know I'm going to tie one on that night. Most of the time I don't go out to drink anymore. If I think I might be drinking even a few beers at someone's house I'll check first to see if it's cool I pass out on their couch, in their yard, or wherever. If not, I just stay home. That shit just isn't worth it anymore...

Anonymous said...

Never been caught and given a DUI
Closest I ever came was the night I found my fiance(ex) in bed with another. I learned two valuable lessons from it. Be careful who you trust and never use alcohol to punish yourself or somebody else.