Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sohrry ;)

Credit for this one goes to Tripseven ;-) 
who emailed me the link... from iOwnTheWorld

I followed a link from one of the commenters 
and found the following Stupid Warning Labels.

Check 'em out!!

Ah Damn! I was hungry too :P

You mean I shouldn't use a match or lighter 
to check the fuel level?? Why the hell not?

Screw That....

Just in case CharlieGodammit feels like
driving Wirecutter's fork lift... eh ;-)

But I ran out of body wash... Shit!!

Fuck off!!... Prick!

You hear that... Sheeple?!

Those who are actually stupid enough to do this 
will not be saved by a warning label. 

Reminds me of another sign that is totally useless.. 
ehem *gun control*
Well not totally useless, they're very helpful 
to criminals who intend to hurt people :-(



Chief Nose Wetter said...

I thought you only had iced coffee up there???

James Butler said...

Now that last one is funny...
I wonder if they got heck for it, you know, France being so in love with the nekkid emperor...