Friday, April 26, 2013

Babes & Guns ~ Copycat Part III

More Hotties with Guns
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Those who like Babes & Guns...

Don't Forget Copycat Edition ;)

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Peter said...

Back before I retired we had our quarterly firearms qualification and we were permitted to wear street clothes instead of uniforms. This was shorty after the Great Migration from revolvers to semiautos for uniformed deputies. One of our younger women wore something low cut and ended up with a hot cartridge case down her clevage, in the excitement she let one go right into the range officer's holster, ruining his shootin' iron and spraining his hip. Could have been worse.

'Course that same range officer feller had a trigger shoe on his fancied up 1911 .45 ACP and managed to shoot himself in the ass holstering his gun a couple of years later. That's what it took to get him dropped as our lead firearms instructor. Every day was a new adventure back then. And my poor old wife doesn't understand why I use so many ugly words.

idahobob said...


They are ALL hot!


Jerome East said...

I'll take 2 or 8

angrymike said...

Nothing like a couple of my favorite things, pretty women and guns, now you need to add some 60's muscle cars, and it would be perfect. But if you do cars, American muscle, no foreign stuff.............;-D

MissK said...

I'll keep that in mind AngryOne ;-)