Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gaining Momentum... ;)

Hey AngryMike, did you notice? 

~ I win!! ~ 

Like I said in my Previous BlogWar Post:
"When Hell Freezes Over" ;-)

But I'm not gonna gloat. 

Oh what the hell... 
Nah-nah nahnah nah :P"' '

Oh Come on AngryMike, don't be mad. 
You'll get there........ eventually ;-)

How 'bout a Peace Offering 
for the Self Proclaimed Ass-Man?

Here, made you a Samish ;-)

Butt don't forget....

~ I WIN!! ~

Big Thank You to All my Readers.... ;-)


angrymike said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing as subtle as a woman coming out on top :-)

MissK said...

Well then, gotta appreciate the "subtleness" of that comment ;-)

Keads said...

Congrats! On top? Hmmm...

MissK said...

Thanks :-)
Best place to be Keads ;-)