Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Hotties ~ Sweater Puppies

To make up for my last post... ;D

Stay Warm... ;-)


KurtP said...

#1- Probably real
2- Probably fake
3- Dunno, not showing enough
4- Fake
5- Real
6- Probably real
7- Defiantly real (yummy)
8- Questionable, needs further investigation.
9- not enough showing, leaning to real
10- real
11- Probably real
12- Fake
SooperGyrl--can't tell with the camouflage.

timbo said...

I think that is my favorite name for em - Sweater Puppies. It's cute and fun. Nice pics!

guttridgeg1 said...

I like sweaters , with females in them