Sunday, January 13, 2013

Whoa Is Right !!

Someone needs to give that dog a tissue... ;-)

Alright "Boy" time to keep walking....

I have a video of my daughter when she was younger, that I wont show because she will kill me... ;-)  Of her handing Lucky the leach, she was pretending to be a puppy too. It was so cute, he took the handle in his mouth and gently walked around the house checking behind every few seconds if she was still following him. The leach was pretty short yet he kept it loose at all times... Cesar would be proud LOL

Thanks to Chief Nose Wetter for the pic :-)


angrymike said...

Post it and deal with her later, ppl post stuff a whole lot more embarrassing than that on F/B...;)

MissK said...

It's not your ass on the line AngryOne... ;-)

On FB yeah, all kinds of funky embarassing stuff on there, but nothing beats real like "authentic" memories. Couple months ago I was visiting one of my aunts. She had the baby books out for some reason and I started going through the pages... What's that? I asked... SHE KEPT THE FIRST POOP?!? WTF?? Who knew you could scotch tape poop... LOL