Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Night :)

Sweet Dreams... ;-)

Hump Day Reds ~ Autumn Freckles :)

Fall is Upon Us...

Here's a few freckles for you to count... ;-)

Hmm.... I Wonder...

Well, What are you waiting for?
Click for more to turn over the rock
and see what's under ;-)

Best BOGO Sale Eva!!

So both you and your besty can smell like ass... ;-)

Tyranny IS Tyranny... Period!

Who Can Tell Me About This Gun?

People Were Real Hot Back in the Day...

Good Morning :)

Feeling a bit better, heading to
work in a few... fun fun

Sending "Winner Vibes" Your Way Stevie ;)

Hope you get it ;-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogger Glitch??

Pics in my sidebars seems to be overlapping. And I'm just wondering if you guys see the same thing I do. I've noticed it on other bogs too. 

For those who already work with blogger, it seems that when you want to modify the "picture" gadget to check the "shrink to fit' box, you have to specify a Title for it. You never "had to" before. Most of mine don't have a tittle title.  So I just canceled the mod, but I don't like the overlapping, especially if the sidebar pics overlap over the posts.

A Little insight from the blogger world would be appreciated. Maybe it's just a glitch and tomorrow it will be back to normal, but if it's a permanent blogger change, then I have some tweaking to do... The simplest thing would be to widen my sidebars, which I'll try first of course, but I don't like taking away from my posting space in the middle... oh well. I'll figure the right balance.

mostly wanna know if the overlapping is visible to you guys and if other bloggers have this issue also. And Thanks for putting up with me... ;-)


Back At Ya Clinton!!

Skybill referred to "Dirty Sanchez" 
in my Douchebag Post...

Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

It's A Race Conspiracy ~ Rakim Say So

Tsk... Tsk... Tsk...

Hey, Still Here... ;)

...Well sorta. Still feeling under the weather.

Spent the morning resting, and hydrating.
I tried posting earlier but my over medicated
brain was just not cooperating... blah :P

We'll see how the rest of the day goes ;-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!

Been running all weekend, 
got family from out of town...
Now returning to regular posting... 
well soon... I hope... :/

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wish I Could... :/

Just too much shit...
Hope y'all are having a good day, 
maybe even napping ;-)

~ Scandalized Pussy ~

Poor Thing... ;-)

Uuuhh... What?

I'm pretty sure Volfram will get this... 
I wonder who else knows what the fuck this is about... ;-)

That Be Killing 3 Birds With 1 Stone ;)

That's how you do it... ;-)
Oh wait, what about Valentine's Day?
Ah Damn!!

Good Afternoon Peoples :)

Well it's official, the leaves are changing. Fall has arrived in all it's gorgeous fiery furry. Took a drive out to the Vet's yesterday. Needed to get my pussies some more of that expensive kitty shit, uh I mean food. The road to get there is along a river, and it swerves, a lot.  I've driven that road so many times in my lifetime it kinda feels like the back or my hand. We can ignore the fact that my first real teenage crush lived miles into that road ;-) Not to mention that it's also a crossroad to "other places"... needless to say, it's been used, not often, but a lot over the years. With that said, when I'm on it, I catch myself speeding pretty much every time. I don't even think about it, it just happens. It's a very narrow road too, and since there's not a lot of traffic, and no yellow lines on the bumpy pavement, I tend to use the whole road. Cutting corners in some spots or riding a curve in other spots. Now since the road is real narrow and has no shoulder, incoming traffic makes you pay close attention to the edge and aim for the narrow space in between. Kinda like fitting in a tight parking space at high speeds. Not much room for error. What can I say, it's fun. And I usually zoom right by the Vet's too... "oh shit, already!?" ;-)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Time To Get Busy ;)

Have a Good Day Everyone... Laters ;-)

Good Morning :)

Unusually Warm & Humid this Morning. 
Kinda reminds me of this "forest".

You have palm trees in the Southern States, don't you? 
Do you have forest that look like this?

Any Douchebags In The House?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hellbilly Simpson, uh I Mean Wirecutter ;)

That's A Pretty Good Deal ;)

Some Things Are Just Unforgettable ;)


Very Nice to Meat You ;)

Sultry Redheads ~ Hump a Day Late ;)

Words To Live By...

This reminds me of a quote I once read...
It kinda stuck in my mind.

"If I tell you the truth and you don't believe me, 
does it make it a lie?"

No dumbass! 
Sorry, I was thinking about my Ex :P

Good Morning Sunshine :)

It's actually dark and covered outside...
This is a "Fake it 'till you Make it" Day, we all get those, eh.
"Busy" weekend is approaching and my ducks are no where near lined up :/
Guess I gotta get moving, with a smile of course ;-)

Good Night :)

~ I'm hitting the bed ~

Snatched from Boilerdoc ;-)

The hottie post will have to wait till the morning.... 
~ Night all ~

Connect The Dots...

Read the following article, found over @ The National Patriot

Never Forget 9/11 – Remember Benghazi???
By Craig Andresen on September 11, 2013 at 5:23 am


The OTHER 9/11.

Here we are, exactly 1 year later and while Obama’s supporters have taken to the streets to demand “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON” none of them have demanded “JUSTICE FOR THE BENGHAZI 4!!!”

And why not?

Since Trayvon was a thug, a gang wannabe, a thief and a drug user it only seems appropriate that those who adhere to Obama, alphabet media included, are in the corner of the terrorists that killed 4 Americans 1 year ago today.

An attack on Syria, no doubt, was meant to divert attention away from the policies that led to the al Qaeda attacks in Benghazi but, Obama’s plan for Syria has backfired on him in an epic way.

They Want Us To Forget...

I can't stand to look at their faces... 
below the "page brake" they go

Finally... Some Peace & Quiet :)

Let's see if I can post a few of the things
I've been wanting to post today (Wednesday)... :/

If I don't get to the hotties, it means
I fell asleep and will post 'em tomorrow ;-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How bout a Guessing Game?

What is it? :-)

I'll show more of the picture 
every time someone guesses...

"Click for more" to see different shots of this thing. 
See if you can figure it out...
Full Pic & Answer posted below :-)

Good Morning :)

Leaves aren't changing yet here, but it was
almost to the freezing point last night...
won't be long now.