Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Notable Milestone

A few days ago, I got this little screen cap
off my blogger stats. That's a lot of Howdy Ma'ams! :D

Although, I think 'bout half of those
came from Ray, Bob and Billf... ;-)

Regular or not, thanks to everyone
who put in their "two cents worth" :-)



idahobob said...

It's my pleasure to make comments on such a beautiful lady's site! :-D


billf said...

Congrats on your milestone,I'm proud to have been a little part of it.I love what you do,I look here every day,one of my favorite pics is that one of you blowing a kiss,and you wouldn't believe how many times I had to backspace to write this comment-I'm on George Dickel time now...

GGG said...

Wish I could get online to comment more often Miss K, since I'm not able to here's for all the future times I can't

MikeG said...

I never knew if that pic is actually you, but I have always fantasized that it is. If it isn't, just lie to me.

Boilerdoc said...

Comment, Comment, Comment,.....there are you happy now?

I'm an ass.....

MissK said...

And a Smart one at that, Boilerdoc ;-)

MikeG.... ;-)

No worries, Guttridge. C'est la vie ;-)
I'm glad you can still stop by here and there :-) :-) :-)

Well thanks for sharing your Dickel Time, Billf ;-)

Awww... thank you Bob ~blushing~ :-)

angrymike said...

Will you shoot the damn duck already, sheesh !!!!!!

MissK said...

Angry, quit harping! :P

angrymike said...

Is harping kinda like fiddling !!!!!!

MissK said...

Google it :P