Thursday, February 7, 2013

Black Barry ~ The Skeet Shooter

Showing Off His "Piece"

And it Rings....

Don't Go There.....

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Barack Obama

Worth the read....



In True Libturd Fashion...


Let The Sunshine In.....

Minus 39 Degrees !!

Yeah it is!! And they kept the schools open. 
But at Minus 40 they're closed?? 
Because you can get frostbite in just a few minutes they say... Fun!!
But it so much warmer then minus 40 today, so we should be safe from frostbite.... right?
Hold on while I stick my head in the freezer to warm up :P

Hollywood Hypocrites !!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Your Right !!


"...All The Time"


Article Source at bottom..

Insulting, arrogant, or just ignorant? .... judge for yourself.

On Saturday the White House released this photograph of the president taken, according to officials, at Camp David on August 4th last year. The picture shows Mr Obama firing a shotgun -- identified as 'a rifle' by some gun-ignorant national wireservices. 

This was produced as proof of Mr Obama’s recent surprise claim that he goes ‘skeet shooting all the time.’ Skeet are clay pigeons.

The claim, made in a magazine interview, was apparently meant to show the president’s sympathy with gun owners. 

Moose Burger Anyone?

Ever had one?
Home made of course.. ;-)

Badass Tank !!

Black & White Beauties ~ Hump Day Edition


Typical Pussy... ;)

A Little Hungry This Morning?...

Who Could Resist....


Warm Mornings To All

AngryMike ~ The Evolution....

Alright MikeyBoy, you talk a good game, but I can be fare, especially since you where "fairly respectable" and just posted a pic of me "resting" I'll go easy on you, and only post some of your baby pictures... for now, well mostly ;-)

I mean really, who could stay mad 
at this little guy......


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bullseye! Well... Almost... :/

Caption This?

Charliegodammit ~ Caught In A Predicament

I'm Listening......

~ Hot Attitude ~ Part 2

So Cold outside today....

How 'bout a little more heat?....

Oh! Deer.... ;)

I wonder who this could be in another life.....

Sure You Do......

Hat Tip goes to Predictable History


Pick One... :)

Some of you may have noticed that I added "Reactions" at the bottom of my posts. I'm hoping more people will click on them. Keep in mind, I have no way of knowing who clicks them. Just thought I would mention that,  in case some of you would ratter remain anonymous ;-)

Let me know... Feedback is a good thing, eh 
Click ~ Click ~ Click
Thanks for stopping by <3
And please, come again....

Have A Warm Morning :)

~ Sunrise at the Barbados Boardwalk ~

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Reds ~ Just Because ;)

Bye Bye Penny...

A Nickle for your thoughts?

~ As of Today ~

Shall be no more....

Caption This?

Needing That Swim Now....

Sending Some Tropical Sunshine Your Way...

We lost most of out snow last week, and now we're buried again... typical.
I would ratter swim in that Tropical Sea. 

BTW, I work all day today... just so you understand the sudden lack of posting ;-)
Later... Enjoy the warm sunny rays............

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food... Lots of Food !!

Just getting back from the grocery store... 
I'm gonna make some yummi jalapeno poppers. 
Hoping to get a good pic to show off.... ;-)

What do y'all like to eat for a Super Bowl treat?

~ Super Bowl XLVII ~

Any Football Fans Out There!?
Give your prediction... 
Who's Your Team?

There's a count down timer on the page. Let me know if the link does not work :-)

~ Enjoy the Game ~

Good Morning Everyone :)

~ Warm up by the Fire ~

Kinda Funky.... :)

Check this out... for those who like coincidences.
I refresh my blog after a little while. 

So I think... Cool, I'm gonna save it :-)

The I realize the time and date.
Feb 3rd, 2013... 12:33 (My Time)

Oh.. If only it was March and 3 o'clock.....
I know, I'm a dork ;-)

It's A No Brainer....

Drink Responsibly ;-)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wirecutter ~ Out Predator Hunting

~ Mad Dog Style ~

"No, no, I've got 'em right where I want 'em - surrounded
from the inside." -- Mad Dog Shriver

No More Squawking!!......

This One's For You Cranky... ;-)

Good Morning To My Blog Family :)

Sit back and Relax....

I pick the blue chair... or maybe the purple ;)

I Wonder....

...Who will be
My Follow Number 50 :-)

~ Chaplain Tim ~

It'd be kinda cool to wake up tomorrow morning 
and find a few more Profile Pics up there. 
After all, you guys are what makes this fun... ;-)

Friday, February 1, 2013

True... ;)

Okie Dokie ???

The Birds & The Bees 101

Caption This...

Got That Right...

Don't Follow The Crowd...

...Especially this herd.

Now translate to modern times..... 


Bad Pussy!!

Bare with me....

Go Ahead... Click for more... 
I promise it ain't too bad...... This Time ;-)

TGIF ~ Feeling Feisty

How 'bout Some Sexy Boots...

I Like Those... 

Good Morning Sunshine ;)

~ Exploring The Island ~

Take A Good Swig....

...numb your brain as much as you can.

Sure, hold your nose too.
And be thankful stench doesn't carry over the internet.

Why should I be the only one with this mental image ;-)