Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trippy, Kinda Cool...

...or Somewhat Stupid Silly Shit
You don't Really Need ~ Part 1

Be the life of the party as you tear things up
with these BBQ bear paws :D

Then serve your shredded meat...

On a table adorned by this lovely Fiber Optic runner...

In this baby, right here :D

Now take your Man Dish away and savor some sweets
with this tiny ass farmer tool spoon.
Say that 5 times in a row ;-)

But it's kinda cute...

Like this Ass Butt-on? 

With 2 holes??

You need a nap.

Go sit in your favorite easy chair,
shut off your Megaton floor lamp...

Or this smaller cute but deadly version


Turn down your Nest, or better yet,
use your Smartphone to cool down your crib

Grab your headphones off the Ninja Star

And Reeelax....

oh wait, you got a little "something" stashed away
for a day like this. Go get it!

The Fuck!! Where d'it go?

Shoulda rolled up your window ;-)
~ Most of these gadgets where found on Fancy ~

P.S. My daughter is away for the weekend.
Can you tell I'm bored :D


angrymike said...

Ah yes the Nest, I love that little baby, if its 90° and your on your way home, you can turn the thing down to 75 so its super cool when you get home. I'd say its the best investment I've made......... :)

MissK said...

A Nest eh? That's pretty fly for a redneck... ;-)

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Might get the Bear claws for my girlfriends back. How do they work for you MissK?