Monday, July 22, 2013

Pretty Redheads ~ Summer Time Fun ;)

Perfect way to warm up 
after that frosty night....

Frost Warning?!..What the Fuck?

Good Morning :)

Yep, we got a Frost Warning last night. It didn't actually freeze, but it's 'efin cold out there. And this after we've had temps in the high 90s less then a week ago... 
Global Warming, I tell ya ;-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seems Hot Dogs Need A Little Help Too... ;)

And She's Off...

My daughter just left for almost a week. She's off visiting and sightseeing with family.  I do like my quiet time, but this being summer brake and all, if feels unusually quiet... I'll try and get use to it ;-)

I'm just so use to having her around, it feels kinda weird, but she's in good hands, and she's a smart girl. It's good for her to get away from the parents for a bit. I wouldn't mind that at all in her shoes. I really hope she enjoys her time away. 

They do grow up so fast. Two more years and she's off to College... Wow, that's scary!

Good Morning Sunshine... :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jedi Powers ~ Doing it Right

We All Have Our Moments... ;)

All Kinds of Awesome!! ;)

Snatched from Coop @ A Father of Four :-)

This would come in very handy at my house....

We have to watch for run away caps. My dog Lucky likes to grab them so he can barter for treats. He's a sneaky fellow, but it's easy to tell when he's got something "he knows" he shouldn't have. He'll come around the corner, stand in the doorway, and just look at me from a distance till I notice he's there. Then as soon as I move, he turns around and walks around the island in the kitchen, staying far enough away, just in case I try and catch him. The house is not that big, so it's really funny watching this big dog maneuver around the furniture. There he is laying in between the Island and the kitchen table with his "Please Feed Me" look.

Good Morning :)

Paddling is more fun with a friend,
but I wouldn't mind being there 
all by my lonesome....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013