Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Call Bullshit !!!

So many moving parts to this thing we call LIFE.  Mine has changed in more ways then I can count over the past couple years. Whether that be my blog, my personal life, or my work. I'm not wanting to go in much detail about these changes on this post, I mostly wanna bring up a specific Clusterfuck I've had to deal with this week....

I guess a little buildup is still needed... Most of you know I have my own little Woodlot since March 2015, and that I have done some work on it before last winter set in.  I haven't shared many specific, my apologies for that, I hope to rectify that in the near future. Movin' on...

From the beginning, I've wanted to make this location my Home... Well, things had been at a standstill, progress wise over the winter and also spring, since I mostly focused my spare time on helping my daughter transition into her new life. Something I felt was very important. But I have to say, I got very frustrated by my lack of progress over other parts of my life, mainly, figuring how to make my home come into being. Why should I keep paying rent when I own land? Nonsense, time to take care of this.

Well I'm happy to say, things have been moving along very quickly over the past couple weeks, since I've decided: I AM going to make this happen, come hell or high water. Now as the above picture implies : Have you ever noticed, how when you finally start hitting a good momentum, crap decides to rain from the sky?!

I've been planning some time away, with no intention of cancelling. I want to get lost for July and enjoy some much needed time away. I would like to get an early start and plan on hitting the road late next week. So the window of opportunity to line things up for the house is dwindling fairly rapidly. With that said, I'm happy to say I'm still on track with my intended schedule. One that has my feet hitting the ground running when I get back from my time away. I am one of those people who can get things done with crunch time eerily looming over. Which can sometimes be, both a blessing and a curse.

Now back to the clusterfuck... Keep in mind most of this happened in a period of about 24 hours. It felt like I was being bounced up and down, back and forth on the awesome-oh crap! scale.

In the midst of work, researching and meeting with, hopefully capable people, that will contribute to my home one way or another, I decide to make a purchase. A "tool" that will help me in creating income "playing" in my workshop in the near future. I convinced myself the timing was good since my expenses where somewhat under control and I had no unforeseen issues to deal with. With that said, I made my order, excited about all the project this tool would help me realize.

Then came the carp. I cooked my supper in the oven, only to have the control panel thingy give in and fall apart from one side. After fiddling with it, I was able to turn it off, but the heat was still coming out. I pulled the plug. Damn thing was just over a year old. Got the appliance tech here the morning after. Just to replace the part would cost me 200 some dollars. I'll be taking the hot plate outta hiding it seems, and giving my toaster oven a workout. Fine! I can do without an oven for a while.

The day goes on. I have an early afternoon appointment. I was missing some paperwork so I decide to go back home to get them. As I drove in, I noticed my neighbor, who always comes home for lunch, parked in an unusual manner. I ignored it, left my car running and went in to grab my missing paperwork. As I walked out, I glanced his way and didn't see his car. "Oh, he left already" I thought to myself as I got back in my car. I checked my mirrors and backed outta my parking space at an angle, thinking I should back to the mailbox on my way out. Needless to say, the neighbor had NOT left !!! SHIT!! Yes, I hit him in the T-bone with my Chevy Tank, moving his car sideways by a good 2 feet, if not more.

I suck it up, and walk up my neighbor's stairs. We spent the next hour "taking care" of things. Making him late for work, and me having to call back the lady who was waiting for me, and NOT tell her I got into a wreck rushing to get back. All this knowing I have every intention of hitting the road the following week... Talk about self sabotage... Hell NO!!

As soon as I could, I went back to finish my meeting. It went well. Then met up with my insurance agent to make my last installment payment AND open a fucking claim, all in the same 5 minutes. Damn roller coaster. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my check engine light came on, and the damn Tank would sputter and stall. I'm thinking I was gonna have to lay down on the pavement next to my back wheel in the middle of town, right on the main road, a few feet from traffic. I've had issues before with a connector that I can access from there, I assumed it was the same problem. I contemplated how I was gonna handle this maneuver, mid migraine, as I spoke with my insurance agent about the earlier incident. Good thing I have a tartan blanket in the back seat, I thought.

The light was still on, but it didn't wanna stall this time, so I chanced it and drove home. After a breather, I called the "car hospital" then took the back roads to get there. I was not gonna let this, yet other issue foil my plans. It was late in the day so I was out of a car, all set to bum a ride home, and one the next morning for work.

I have no intention of letting all these annoying little setbacks change my plans. My ass will be on the way outta town in a few days.... I will enjoy my time away, one day at a time... then come home and make things happen ;-)

~ It will be worth it, and I can't wait :D ~


Anonymous said...

Pissed off Fortuna Eh? I'm Glad to hear that the little house is coming along. I have missed your wit and perspective. I'm so glad you popped in for a bit. Things are much the same for us. Girl Scout camp. Crazy pregnant Lady's making the wife nuts (she works in a "birthing center" clinic). 100Deg heat. The usual summer stuff. I hope you get it all untangled in time for vacation. ---Ray

idahobob said...

Ah sweetie. when it rains, it pours, eh?

I understand the need get AWAY! Personally, my plans are for October-November. But who knows, as has happened in the past, shit has happened and escape has had to be cancelled. But, this time I have determined nothing short of total economic collapse, nuclear war, or some other shit happening, I AM going to do what I want and need to do.

Enjoy your time away, honey, and we will be awaiting your return. Come back refreshed and energized. :-D


Anonymous said...

Here's to a great get-away for you. I'm hoping to be able to give my wife one as soon as she is up and running again. Maybe all the bad is happening to you now so your time away will be eventless!


Boonie said...

Hi MissK, Wow! You do have a lot going on. While it all sometimes seems overwhelming, I'm confident you have the strength to move though all of this. My prayers are with you.

billf said...

Wow,what a crappy few days you have had!!
Good luck,I hope you get it all under control and have an awesome vacation. A smart man once told me ,"people who don't do anything never have any trouble getting it done. It's only strivers who seem to run out of time. Keep Going!"