Thursday, December 31, 2015

Open Your Eyes!!


An illuminating look at the key research on this subject.

......Consider just a few of these vital facts, and contemplate whether you think they should at least be factored into the formulation of American immigration and refugee policy:
  • 39% of people in Afghanistan believe that suicide bombings are “often or sometimes” justified, as do 25% of Egyptians, 26% of Bangladeshis, and 62% of Palestinians.
  • Fewer than half of Pakistanis and Malaysians have a negative view of al Qaeda. Barely half of Nigerians and Tunisians have negative opinions about the Taliban. And a mere 16% of Pakistanis hold Hamas in low regard.
  • In a 2011 survey of Muslims in seven Middle Eastern countries, nowhere did any more than 28% of respondents accept the notion that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out by Arabs.
  • In most of these same Middle Eastern countries, significant majorities of Muslims view Westerners generally as being “selfish,” “violent,” “greedy,” “immoral,” “arrogant,” and “fanatical.”

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tsquared said...

You also have a large percentage of muslimes that believe when the sun goes down allah can't see sins that they commit.

Beer and wine is bad but opium and hashish is OK?

All women are sluts and deserve whatever they get.

I lived in SW Asia in muslim countries for 5 years. I never want to go back to that backassward middle ages mentality.