Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Morning :)

Yep, Still Chilly. Thank God, 
not THAT Chilly... Brrrrrr 

For you WB, a "cold" pic.. funny :-)
Same Lake as the other one. 
It's called Lake Baikal, it's in Siberia.
Can you find the person?
It's just fascinating the way the Lake freezes.
Barely any snow, it's just efin' cold. 

Have a Good Day y'all... More later...

If this is your first time here, 
by all means, sneak around... ;-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Lost" 1968 Video of the Obamas Dancing

30 seconds of never before seen footage of Michelle and Barack Obama participating in a bizarre mating ritual near Barry’s self-proclaimed homeland, Kenya.
From SadHillNews

Mating Ritual eh?
Don't Worry, They ain't Nekkid... ;-)

I Have But One Mission In Life....

In Some Cases Self Mutilation Is A Must....

What A Bitch!!

Extinction by Procrastination

Celebrating The Cold, Siberian Style ;)

Hopefully this week will be
the last cold streak 'till Fall comes around...

I do Love this pic :-)
Notice how "Clear" the ice is...

Good "Late" Morning :P

~ Confused Serenity ~

Because we had warm summer-like temperatures 
all of last week, 
but last night, and all this week 
it's gonna freeze!!... Grrrrr

Monday, May 13, 2013

~ Fair Haired Strawberry Hotties ~

Field Berries ~ Ripe for the Picking... ;-)

Wild & Juicy Strawberries.... Yum... ;-)

Good Eatings....

Poor Thing Looks Terrified.....

Just Eat The Damn Apple!

For Those of You Who "Work" With Computers....

Your POV?

I've dabbled in all... yeeeah...  Fun Times :/

Yeah. Why The Fuck Is That?


No Really!! I'm Batman!!! Capiche?

Rough Night... Awesome Friends ;)

That better not be My couch!!

More Doggy Heaven.... ;)

Good Morning :)

I know, it's Monday :/
But Sometimes you gotta Smile regardless.... ;-)

My Serenity for Today :-)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day :)

To All my Mommy readers, have a Wonderful Day. 
May you be spoiled and showered with love by your families :-)

And to my Gentlemen readers...
A Happy Mother's Day Wish for your Better Halves, 
and for your Moms.
For all that they have brought to your lives, 
and especially for putting up with y'all  ;-)

Fill it Up...