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MissK ~ A Previous Life ;)

Thanks WiscoDave... ;-)

From The Bad Guy's Perspective.... ;)

Ever been a Fan of RPG Video Games?...

AngryMike ~ Mystery Solved....

Ever wonder why AngryMike wear's his cap backwards?....

Well, this might help shed some light on the situation.....

This One's For You CrankyJohn... ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Someday Hotness.......

......... ;-)

Where's The Pussy?..

...I mean the one with 4 legs :P
Good Luck!!

If you wanna find it yourself, don't read the comments..... ;-)

Now Get!!...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reader Gun Porn..

Here is the first, of what I hope will be many...

A couple pics where graciously sent in to me when I did the last Gun Porn Post. I was amazed by the quality of the craftsmanship so I asked the gentleman in question to send me some information and anything else that would be on topic. So here it is, all put together for your viewing pleasure ;-)

I think this could be very interesting, and as I mentioned before, I am fairly new to the world of guns, so learning about these "beauties" is particularly fascinating for me.

If anyone else is interested in having their "goodies" displayed... please feel free to email. Whatever you feel like sharing is fine. But we are talking about guns here, so no monkey business... ;-)

Feedback Is Good... :)

I do this blog because it's an Escape for me, from the daily grind (no pun intended) and the frustrations of life. I like to make people smile, and even if my blog doesn't have a lot of "blogging" per say, (for now) it obviously has value to some of you, since you keep coming back (Thank You!!) and occasionally grace my pages with your comments ;-)  As for the "blogging" goes... I'm still new to this, and feeling a little "slow to get started", but I have so many things I would like to share, sometimes it takes me a while to organize my thoughts and ideas, and they tend to end up on random post-its, or topic specific notebooks and journals that seem to clutter my life... you can add hundreds of note files on my laptop to this list...  I need an outlet!!... ;-) 

What I am looking forward to sharing is some hobbies that I have. Like I mention in my profile, I'm a do it yourself-er. I would never claim to be an expert on any of these things but I am somewhat of a perfectionist... and a fast learner. So when I do something I like to put my best into it. And new projects are always fun because you get to figure out the "how" then make it happen. And I always say, if someone else can do this, why can't I... Customizing, improving and making things unique is fun for me.. So I save my dollars for what I want and do things my own way.. ;-)

I'm gonna add this link to my sidebar, because I do care what you think... and I've had some ideas sent in by readers, most of the time helpful. Two heads are better then one, right?... so imagine a few hundred :-) Now this is My Blog and like Wirecutter says, "This is a blog and not a forum" so ultimately I will post what appeals to me and hope that somewhat like-minded individual will enjoy it and comment... but I fuel my thoughts and actions on feedback from people, so yes, I do want to know what you think, and if I can add or change something to make things better... hey I'm all for that..  but again on My terms.. ;-)

So thank you to all my reader's and fellow bloggers for visiting my site and making this experience so much more then I ever expected. 

Time To Play... ;)

What is this?...

And we have a WINNER!!
Congrats Orbitup!!  ;-)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real Food!!!

And A Back Massage To Boot...

Confirm or Deny?

Is this an Urban Legend? 
Any of you have experience with this?...

Boilerdoc Versus The Feral Irishman...


Seems Boilerdoc and Irish are having a little blog war of their own... I wonder if we can trust them to play nice.

Speaking of trust... Hey AngryMike, why don't you get on this ladder here and you can find out how much you can trust your buddies...

I'll hold your beer... ;-)

Where's The Cat?...

Apparently there's a cat somewhere in this picture.
Can you see it?...