Saturday, January 14, 2017

MissK ~ Chiming In

I've been "dealing" with a few things lately... aren't we all :/
I will find Light at the end of this tunnel,
even if I have to Spark the Blaze myself !!

With that said, Life goes on...

& My Personal Therapist ;-)

I went over to my daughter's country home the other day
and went to town on their wood pile.
Still one of the best ways I know to clear my head.


Anonymous said...

I hope you pass through the tunnel and walk into the light soon.


Notenki said...

Been missing you. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

That must have been one hell of a hangover. Sometimes life sucks. Remember that your family loves you and you always have the fan club!----Ray

taminator013 said...

Keep away guys. I don't care how beautiful she is, but I have a feeling that she is the Lorena Bobbitt of New Brunswick...................

commoncents said...

‘I Won’t Apologize’: Toby Keith Defends His Decision to Perform at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

idahobob said...

Wood splitting of my favorites!


MissK said...

Never fails, Bob ;-)

That's funny Taminator, made me LOL

You could say that Ray, I know <3 Thank you :-)

Thanks Notenki, nice to be missed :-)

That's the plan Jack, thanks :-)

MissK said...

Hey CC, just found your comment in my spam. I don't usually add a blog when the comment is a plug only... but I checked out your site and your content works, so yes, I can add you to my blogroll, I assume you'll do the same? ;-)