Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Do Like Vanishing... or so it Seems

LMFAO!!! for you Billf ;-)
and All My Crazy Ass Readers... :D


PioneerPreppy said...

I don't think he gave the random crazy modifier problem sufficient explanation. The crazy access line should really be wavy and subject to more outside influences.

He also should add the name Nichole (or variants) to his list.

John the Gardener said...

Ah so true :)

PioneerPreppy said...

In fact I been thinking what he should have are two planets. One situated under the attractiveness line and one at the top. They should be named "Money" and "Attention". The Money planet would pull the craziness factor down with it's gravity while the attention planet would pull the crazy line upwards.

Call it PP's relative theory of outside pressures.

Anonymous said...

I have slept with the same woman for almost 30 years and I don't even pretend to understand. I just accept her the way she is and thank the creator that she knows me and stays anyway.--Ray

billf said...

Glad you laughed,Missk.
BTW,I think you just might be a unicorn-I'd like to bring you home and study you for future reference.

Anonymous said...

BTW I REALLY love that header---Ray

Anonymous said...

Be truthful Miss K. You are in the danger zone, right :-) Your a Canadian redneck girl that loves sharp tools, wine, and fast cars. Crazy all your Life :-)
Don't worry, men love a danger zone


MissK said...

Cute Dusty :P
Just keep in mind I might vanish and reappear anywhere on the chart... ;-)

Unknown said...

~Off Topic~

I was up in Canada a couple weeks ago to get some mountain biking in over at Hinton and also Jasper. I gotta say that the Canadian Rockies have some of the most spectacular views I've ever seen... And not a single run-in with any bears...! =P

Volfram said...

OK, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


So I have red hair, as internet people who discover pictures of me are fond of pointing out.

Many years ago, I used to have a female persona I would use, say in chat rooms, for laughs.

She was named "Tiffany."